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Which setting is necessary for users to use CDN?

DNS setting is changed.
You must DNS-register the FQDN for delivery in the CNAME specified by us. Also when the origin server is registered using a host name, name resolution must be performed. Set the cache expiration date (max-age) as needed. Refer to the manual.

What is Cloudn Flash Streaming?

Flash OnDemand Streaming services provided in the Cloudn CDN option.

How is the charge billed?

For more details, refer to the following link “Fee structure”.

Which works and settings are necessary for users to use the Cloudn Flash Streaming service?

The following works and settings are necessary.
・ Prepare the origin server by Cloudn.
・ Create the contents which have been encoded.
・ Create the SWF files.
・ Change the DNS setting.
・ Set the cache expiration date (max-age) as needed.

Is the cost in the starting month of contract on the prorated daily basis?

No, monthly cost.

What No. port is used in the Cloudn Flash Streaming service?

No. 1935 port is used by default. No. 80 port can be used depending on settings.

Is the cost in the canceling month of contract on the prorated daily basis?

No, monthly cost.

Show the system requirements when using the Cloudn Flash Streaming service?

About Flash Player
Flash Live Encoder 3.0 or later can handle streams encoded.

About Dynamic Streaming
We support Dynamic Streaming. If you use them, prepare the appropriate files for Player.

Can streaming be delivered?

It can be delivered in HTTP Live Streaming for iOS and Progressive Download (Youtube). It cannot be delivered in Flash Live Streaming, Windows Media Streaming and Smooth Streaming for IIS. You can use the CDN Flash function to deliver Flash On Demand Streaming.

Show the log format.

w3c_elf: W3C extended log format (XLF).
The time zone is GMT. Logs in the access log file are not sorted by time.

How long does it need to reflect the setting?

It takes about one hour to reflect it all over the world.

Can I make a contract of Flash Streaming only when I do not make a contract of CDN option HTTP delivery?

Yes, you can.

Can you reflect it only in Japan within a few minutes?

No, we can’t.

Is Flash Live Streaming available?

No, only OnDemand.

What occurs when an origin server is shut down?

Contents not expired in the cache server are delivered from the cache server, if available. If not, a delivery error occurs.

Show a Player URL when using the Cloudn Flash Streaming service.

The format is shown below. rtmp://public URL/path of contents file

Example) When “www.example.com” is registered as public URL and the path of contents file is “/contents/flash.flv”, the Player URL used when browsing the contents is shown below.


What occurs when a cache server is shut down? Can you access directly to the origin server?

They can be delivered from cache server in another site. The origin server is not directly accessed.

As an example, when all cache servers in Tokyo site are shut down, contents are delivered from Osaka site. When all cache servers in Osaka site are shut down, they are delivered from Hog Kong site All cases are not always as above mentioned.

Can SWF verification be performed in the Cloudn Flash Streaming service?


Can the SSL communication (HTTPS) be used too?

No, you cannot use the SSL communication (HTTPS).

Show the protocols which can be used in the Cloudn Flash Streaming service.

The following protocols can be used:
rtmp, rtmpe, rtmpt, rtmpte

Can I register a URL in the domain in Japanese?

No, you cannot register it in the domain in Japanese (You can register up to 64 characters on the registry screen, e.g. one-byte upper cases, lower cases, numeric characters and symbol “-.”).

I want to force the cache to be deleted due to errors in contents. What should I do?

Execute [Delete a cache] on the control panel.

Can I fix only rtmp or rtmpe in the Cloudn Flash Streaming service?


Which cache server does a user access to?

The user accesses to the cache server in the nearest location.
Main locations are listed below:

Japan: Tokyo and Osaka
Asia: Hong Kong and Singapore
Oceania: Sydney
North America: Los Angels, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago and Miami
Europe: Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid and Vienna

Can I obtain the logs of contents delivered from the cache server?

Yes, you can. Basically logs are generated during about 24 hours.

Is there any streaming which cannot be delivered in the Cloudn Flash Streaming service?

The following streaming cannot be delivered.

HTTP Live Streaming for iOS *However It can be delivered by the CDN option HTTP delivery.
Progressive Download (Youtube) *However It can be delivered by the CDN option HTTP delivery.
Windows Media Streaming
Smooth Streaming for IIS

What occurs when registering the same URL?

Multiple users cannot register the same public URL (FQDN) (or the same user cannot register the same URL several times). “This public URL is unavailable (412)” message appears for users registered later.

Is the SLA (Service Level Agreement) provided?

Yes. For more details, refer to “3. Others” from the following link.

Do you have any precautions when using the services?

Use NTP to set the server time. Set the origin server so that it can receive the HTTP request of CDN option public URL: Host header information.

Show how to apply for CDN option.

Refer to “Chapter 2 How to use a control panel and application for CDN services” in “Cloudn CDN Service Operational Manual”.

Do you provide the CDN option API?

No, we don’t.

What is the origin server?

This is a server to save the original contents for HTTP. Only the servers with the Cloudn contract can be used as origin servers.

Do you have the maximum file size of contents to be delivered?


What information is necessary for using CDN?

Host name or IP address of FQDN and origin servers to be delivered.

Is there any operations not to be performed depending on browser?

A part of operations are not performed depending on browser. If you find the said operation, try it in another browser or version. Faults found currently are shown below:
・ When turning ON the “compatibility view” function of IE9, the up / down functions of CDN control panel don’t work (when pressing the button, the screen does not move to the next screen)
 - Delivery URL registry and deletion
 - Cache deletion
 * When turning OFF the compatibility view function, it works.

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